Décors Guillochés


The workshop of Décors Guillochés SA specialises in the production of all kinds of guilloché pieces for the watchmaking sector and others. You can see a selection of our creations below*.

  • Guinel ring
  • Pendentif Guinel
  • Cadran de montre
  • Cadran de montre
  • Cadran de montre
  • Platine
  • Carrure
  • Coupe-cigare
  • Etampe
  • Etampe
  • Masse oscillante
  • Tambour

List of products

Movements, rotors, case-backs, bezels, main-plates, steel stamping dies, jewellery, and more.http://www.guinel.ch/

"Guilloché work is not an end in itself..."

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