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CNC technology

› NC: neither hand-made nor stamped…

In large series production, for a long time, only two procedures – stamping and automatic machines – were used. To absorb the cost of the stamping tools, only relatively large production runs could justify the use of this technique. Automatic machines, though very efficient for some applications, suffer from many limitations. 

› NC… a thousand identical to one – but a special one

To meet the needs of some of its customers, Décors Guillochés SA turned its attention to this question and has developed a solution based on a numerically controlled (NC) machine. A technology rapidly expanding in most production processes, NC is a solution which can increase production capacity in relation to manual guilloché, while preserving a wide margin of freedom and flexibility. Decorations can be changed in just a few lines of programming, and complex, original motifs can be composed. Décors Guillochés has succeeded in devising a system that blends the skills and subtlety of its guilloché experts with the speed and precision of a machine, since behind the computer lies the intelligence, experience, sensibility and expertise of the specialist.

› There is guilloché and guilloché

In contrast to manual guilloché decoration, which remains the flagship activity of Décors Guillochés, the huge possibilities of programming and adjustments, together with the associated production capacity, make NC a highly advantageous tool for large series. Although NC aims for quality, this technique obviously does not aspire to produce the exclusive character of a unique product entirely made by hand.


To avoid any confusion with a manual guilloché piece, each of our NC products is certified as such.

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