Décors Guillochés

"The art of guilloché... is our art."

Each piece that leaves the Décors Guillochés Workshop is a little world in itself. Its creator has engraved its features with meticulous precision. The variations within its regularity govern the shifting play of light and shade from one indentation to the next.

Furrows, carved 3 to 4 hundredths of a millimetre deep, cross, meet and overlay each other, breathing life into countless zones of reflections. Each piece is authentic and unique, imbued by the artist’s skill with his personal touch.

Décors Guillochés SA is also active in the jewellery sector and has created its own brand, GUINEL.

EPHJ 2017

du 20 au 23 juin 2017

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Les journées européennes des métiers d'arts

24-26 mars 2017



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Guilloché your dreams…

Over the years, our library has been enriched with hundreds of different patterns. From the most classic to the most original, our strength is our creativity.

You have an idea, a drawing… We work on it together to make the decor of your dreams.Would you like to glance through the pages of our catalogues to gain your inspiration? Based on one of our variations we will then create a unique decor for you.

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Décors Guillochés SA
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